Semester Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 1286)

1st Semester Review #2.

An organism that breaks down dead plant and animal matter is called..........?
a) insectivore
b) scavenger
c) decomposer
d) omnivore

An example of a decomposer is....?
a) bacteria
b) vulture
c) cow
d) frog

The structure of an organism is the...........?
a) job that an organism performs
b) waste an organism produces
c) food an organism makes
d) way an organism is made

The function of the cell membrane is....?
a) controls what enters and leaves the cell
b) controls the cell's activities
c) delivers materials inside the cell
d) stores water, food and waste products

A group of similar cells that work together to perform a specific function is.....?
a) tissue
b) cell
c) organ
d) organ system

Which of the following represents the levels of organization in order.?
a) tissue - cell - organ system - community - population - organism organ
b) cell - tissue - organism - organ system - organ - population - community
c) cell - tissue - organism - organ system - organ - community - population
d) cell - tissue - organ - organ system - organism - population - community

An example of an inherited trait is..........?
a) how muscular you are
b) how quick you are on the football field
c) hair color
d) how high you can jump in basketball

__________ will dictate an organisms traits?
a) inherited traits
b) parts of a cell
c) chromosomes
d) natural occurerence

How does energy flow through an ecosystem?
a) The energy flows from the organism being eaten to the organism providing food
b) The energy flows from the organisms providing the energy to the organism needing it
c) The energy starts with decomposers and ends with scavengers

What is the difference between external and internal stimuli?
a) external comes from within the organism and internal comes from outside the organism.
b) internal comes from within the organism and external comes from outside the organism.
c) one of the stimuli is a response and the other is a change.

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