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Sunspots appear to be darker than the rest of the sun\'s surface because they are -
a) partially hidden from view
b) cooler than the rest of the sun's surface
c) made of dark-colored minerals
d) in the shadow of the sun's corona

The Earth rotates on its axis approximately once every 24 hours, causing the day/night cycle and -
a) the moon phases
b) the orbiting of Earth around the sun
c) the sun's apparent movement across the sky
d) the four seasons

In what direction does the sun appear to move across the sky?
a) west to east
b) north to south
c) east to west
d) south to north

The sun appears to change position or move across the sky during daylight hours. Which of the following causes shadows to form?
a) Earth's rotation
b) Earth's revolution
c) sun's revolution
d) Earth's orbit

The surfaces of the Earth, moon, and sun are described as having different physical characteristics. How is the sun different from the Earth and moon?
a) the sun has no gravity
b) the sun is solid
c) the sun does not produce its own heat
d) the sun is capable of producing its own light

Which layer of the sun is also a layer of the Earth?
a) corona
b) convection zone
c) radiation zone
d) core

Which pattern of change below is the daily rise and fall of the ocean level?
a) tides
b) moon phases
c) seasons
d) shadows

How long does it take the moon to go from a new moon, through all of its phases, back to a new moon?
a) 1 day
b) 2 days
c) 28 days
d) 20 days

Which of the following accurately compares the positions of Jupiter and Earth from the sun?
a) Jupiter is positioned closer to the sun than Earth
b) Earth is positioned closer to the sun than Jupiter
c) Jupiter's orbit is shorter than Earth's orbit around the sun
d) Earth's orbit is longer than Jupiter's orbit around the sun

Which planet in the solar system has the shortest year?
a) Neptune
b) Saturn
c) Mars
d) Mercury

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