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What did the constitution establish?
a) Diplomatic form of government
b) Federal form of government
c) Anarchy form of government
d) Free rule form of government

_____________ and ____________ governments have certain responsabilities?
a) National & City
b) National & Home
c) National & State
d) All of the above

What are the primary responsabilities of the state governemnt?
a) Running Citys
b) Running Towns
c) Schools
d) Public Safety and Public Health

The powers not given to the National Government are __________ for the states
a) Implied
b) Expressed
c) Given
d) Reserved

What is the primary responsibility of the national government?
a) Conduct foreign policy
b) Public Health
c) Public Safety
d) Run Schools

The constitution denies certain ___________ to both the national and state government.
a) Powers
b) Rights
c) Rules
d) Regulations

What are two of the responsibilities of the national governemnt?
a) Public Health and Safety
b) Road Construction and Public Health
c) Regulate Commerce and Provide for the Common Defence
d) Run Schools

The constitution seperates power between the ___________ and __________ governments.
a) National & State
b) National & Home
c) National & Local
d) None of the above

When ______________ government moves into areas that are reserved for states it cause tensions to arise.
a) Local
b) State
c) National
d) City

Tensions can arise between the National and State goverments when the Nationla government ___________ something but does not provide the _____________?
a) Mandates & Funding
b) Funding & Mandates
c) Orders & Laws
d) Says & Money

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