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A talented musician who played the lyre
a) Pandora
b) Chimarea
c) Eurydice
d) Orpheus

Orpheus went to the underworld because
a) He wanted to bring his wife Eurydice back to earth
b) He was in search of a magic lyre
c) He wanted to make a deal with Hades
d) He wanted to play his lyre for Hades

a) Was know for his ability to run fast and win a footrace
b) Strong and brave son of Zeus. Hera was very jealous of him
c) Was granted a wish by Dionysus
d) Single handedly won The Trojan War

Why was Hercules completing 12 deadly labors
a) He wanted to become a Greek hero
b) He was helping his cousin become king
c) He was seeking penance for killing one of his own children
d) all of the above

Who won Atalanta's hand in marriage?
a) Hippomenes
b) Aphrodite's son
c) Heracles
d) No one

Hippomenes won Atalanta's hand in marriage by using
a) 3 magical pearls
b) 3 magical golden apples
c) magic potion given to ATalanta
d) none of the above

king Midas grew what to remind hism of his foolishness
a) a turkey toe
b) chicken feathers in his arm pits
c) Donkey tail
d) Donkey ears

Who does Paris give an apple to
a) Helen
b) Aphrodite
c) Troy
d) Achilles

What part of Achilles body is not blessed with immortality from the River Styx
a) heel
b) neck
c) elbow
d) ankle

Who comes up with the Trojan Horse Idea
a) Achilles
b) Odysseus
c) Paris
d) Aphrodite

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