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King Minos threatened to destroy Athens unless
a) King Aegeus gives up his son Theseus.
b) KIng Minos's daughter marries Theseus
c) Daedalus helped him build a Labryrinth
d) 7 men and 7 maidens sacrificed themselves to the Minotaur

The Aegean sea is named after
a) King Aegean who saves Athen
b) King Aegean who jumps in the sea after believing his son to be dead
c) The ship named the Aegean which carried Theseus back to Athens
d) The Aegean people who destroyed King Minos

The nymph Echo was punished by
a) Ares
b) Hades
c) Hera
d) Aphrodite

Narcissus falls in love with...
a) a frog in the pond in which he stares
b) Echo who only repeat the last words everyone says
c) His own reflection in a pond
d) The flowers by the pond

Pandora was created by who? What does the name mean?
a) Zeus; all gifts
b) Zeus; simple gift
c) Hades; all gifts
d) Hades; simple gifts

what two gifts are given to Pandora
a) beauty and curiosity
b) a sealed box and beauty
c) curiosity and a sealed box
d) beauty and an open box

Perseus killed Medusa by
a) using his shield as a mirror
b) using hIs cell phone as a mirror
c) throwing his shield at Medusa's head
d) closing his eyes and using his sword

Pegasus was created when
a) Hades created him.
b) Zeus gave him to Perseus as a gift for killing Medusa
c) He changed from stone back to real life after Medusa was killed
d) he sprang from Medusa after Perseus cut off her head

Bellerophon was know for
a) taming Pegasus
b) killing the beast, Chimaera
c) Being best friends with Perseus
d) Helping Perseus kill Medusa

Why does Bellerophon spend the rest of his life as a homeless man
a) He tries to ride Pegasus and take place on Mount Olympus
b) Hades punishes him
c) The Chimaera wounds him in their battle and he can no longer see
d) All of the above

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