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The landmark legislation that provided for an appropriate education for all students with disabilities is now referred to as
a) The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
b) The Americans with Disabilities Act
c) The No Child Left Behind Act
d) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

A recent Harvard graduate who finished first in his class, has been passed up for positions in his job. He suspects it is because he is quadriplegic. Which law would apply?
a) Section 504
d) ADA

It was determined that a student\'s mild CP has no affect on his educational performance. Under what law could this student receive school accommodations?
a) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
b) ADA

Jacob is an elementary student with severe mental retardation. Which of the following terms best describes the kind of curriculum he is likely to follow in school?
a) Academic
b) Vocational
c) Life Skills
d) General education

Least restrictive environment means that a student must be educated in...
a) a predetermined placement
b) a way that students are integrated with peers without disabilities to the max extent appropriate
c) a specialized educational context designed for students with similar disabilities
d) the general education classroom

Which of the following is NOT considered a related service?
a) Physical Therapy
b) Assistive technology
c) Occupational therapy
d) Special Education Inclusion Services

Which of the following is one of the main features of NCLB (as it applies to students with disabilities that can also be seen in IDEA 1997 and 2004?
a) Annual yearly progress
b) Transition services
c) Highly qualified teachers
d) Access to the general education curriculum

In the "self-contained classroom" in special education, the student with a disability...
a) receives special education services irregularly on an as-needed basis.
b) stays all or most of the day in the special education classroom.
c) receives all of her or his instruction in the general education classroom.
d) goes to a separate classroom for direct instruction in specific subject areas.

The provision of an array of services designed to meet the varying needs of students with disabilities is referred to as...
a) Inclusive education
b) The continuum of services
c) Alternative programming
d) Pull-Out programming

When considering educational placement for a student with disabilities, which of the following statements best describes what the IEP committee should consider foremost?
a) Placing the student in a general education classroom, because it is the least restrictive environmen
b) Placing the student in a class where the services are already provided
c) Placing the student in the least restrictive environment based on the student's unique needs
d) Placing the student in the classroom of students who are at a similar ability level

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