American Revolution Question Preview (ID: 12848)

4th Grade.

Which act taxed written documents and other papers?
a) Tea Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Quartering Act

The Continental Congress was a meeting of who?
a) The British Parliament and new laws they passed
b) A group of Loyalists that formed an army
c) A group of representatives from the colonies to discuss problems
d) People that loved tea

Which statement below shows the meaning of taxation without representation?
a) Patriots vote on a leader of the new army
b) Loyalsits agree with Parliament on the laws
c) New Acts are created and passed in England for the colonists in America
d) The Continental Congress meet and discuss the Declaration of Independence

What conflicts led to the American Revolution?
a) Taxation without representation
b) Land disputes after the French and Indian War
c) The Quartering Act and Townshend Acts
d) All choices are correct

Why would someone be a loyalist?
a) The were a wealthy merchant
b) The were afraid of the British forces
c) The relied on imports and exports and taxation was needed
d) All choices are correct

Why would someone be a patriot?
a) The didn't wanted to be ruled by a king thousands of miles away
b) The wanted to be represented in law making
c) The wanted to settle more land
d) All choices are correct

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) George Washington
c) Ben Franklin
d) Sam Adams

What is a refusal to buy goods as a form of protest?
a) an alliance
b) a boycott
c) a proclamation
d) an act

Who led the Continental Army?
a) John Jay
b) Ethan Allen
c) George Washington
d) Thomas Jefferson

Many native americans sided with the British during the war because...
a) Thet got supplies from England
b) Their land would be protected
c) The British forced them to support them
d) They wanted to show honor the England's king

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