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Ethics are values created by
a) Society
b) Businesses
c) Individuals
d) All of the above

Ethics are
a) Standards of right and wrong behavior
b) Laws that carry a criminal penalty if broken
c) Detailed instructions for how to behave in every situation
d) Flexible depending on the person

An unethical choice is often followed by
a) Lost opportunities
b) Destruction of trust
c) Damage to people and things
d) All of the above

Copyright laws are established to
a) Protect the rights of the creator
b) Punish people who want free material
c) Make it harder to write school reports
d) None of the above

This Act was passed in 1988, stating that anything created with a computer is owned by its creator.
c) ADA

This is type of software is distributed on a trial basis. The trial version is usually free but the full version is not.
a) Freeware
b) Public domain
c) Shareware
d) Open source

Students are allowed to use _____ % of someone else’s work as long as you give proper credit.
a) 5
b) 15
c) 25
d) 10

Most schools and businesses have a set of ethics that are supposed to be followed when using their computers. These set of computer ethics are called:
a) Acceptable Use Policy
b) Computer Code
c) Computer Restricting Guidelines
d) Proper computer Use Policy

Digital citizenship (the appropriate and responsible use of technology) applies to:
a) Everyone over the age of 18
b) All students
c) Anyone who uses technology
d) People born after the invention of the computer

Disadvantages of using pirated material include:
a) Viruses
b) Stolen credit card information
c) No software upgrades
d) All of the above

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