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It's getting hot in the room.
a) I'll open the windows.
b) I'm going to open the windows.
c) I won't open the windows.
d) I'm not going to open the windows.

Oh, no! This computer is broken.
a) I'll call a technician.
b) I'm going to call a technician.
c) I won't call a technician.
d) I'm not going to call a technician.

She is very creative, so next year, she ..... study Arts at university.
a) is going to
b) will
c) won't
d) isn't going to

I think electric vehicles ..... pollute the environment as much as fuel or diesel vehicles.
a) won't
b) will
c) are going to
d) aren't going to

What ..... do for your next summer holiday?
a) are you going to
b) will you to
c) you going
d) is you going

This car is too old. When ..... buy a new one?
a) are they going to
b) will they to
c) aren't they going
d) are they going

In 20 years, smart homes ..... the housework.
a) will do
b) are going to do
c) will doing
d) are going to doing

Susan's birthday is coming soon, so we ..... her a present next week.
a) are going to buy
b) won't buy
c) won't buying
d) are going to buying

I ..... drums at a concert hall next weekend.
a) am going to play
b) am going to playing
c) going to play
d) going to playing

Are you hungry?
a) I'll get you a drink.
b) I won't get you a drink.
c) I'm going to get you a drink.
d) I going to get you a drink.

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