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All of the following are characteristics of both living organisms and cells except
a) rely on chemicals for communication
b) remove waste from themselves
c) grow and die
d) extract energy from cells

Which structures identify a plant cell?
a) cell wall, large central vacuole, nucleus
b) cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus
c) cell wall, cytoplasm, chloroplast
d) cell wall, nucleus, cytoplasm, chloroplast

Which structure in a cell functions like a school principal's office?
a) nucleus
b) cell wall
c) cell membrane
d) chloroplast

Which structure does waste exit through?
a) cell membrane
b) large central vacuole
c) chloroplast
d) cytoplasm

A plant vacuole could be represented by what in a model?
a) balloon
b) M & M
c) seed
d) bean

How is using a model to study cells helpful?
a) It allows you to visualize something microscopic.
b) It is overly simplistic and not to scale.
c) It is quickly assembled and easily disposed.
d) It helps you understand the relationship between structure and function of cell parts.

In a model of a plant cell you could use what to represent a chloroplast?
a) green M & M
b) seed
c) bean
d) balloon

In a model of a plant cell you could use what to represent a nucleus?
a) seed
b) M & M
c) bean
d) balloon

A mitochondria in a cell could be compared to a
a) power house
b) sewer
c) office
d) hallway

The chloroplast in a cell could be compared to a
a) cafeteria
b) hallway
c) sewer
d) office

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