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Which resource is commonly mined in Virginia?
a) diamonds
b) gold
c) coal
d) copper

What is a method commonly used to make nonrenewable resources last longer?
a) deforestation
b) cleaning up of oil spells
c) recycling
d) strip mining

This region of Virginia is covered by sand, silt and clay:
a) piedmont
b) blue ridge mountains
c) appalachian plateau
d) coastal plain

During which month do MOST locations in Virginia have the GREATEST potential evapotranspiration?
a) April
b) July
c) September
d) December

Why does water move more slowly through clay soil?
a) soil particles have a high density
b) soil particles have a high porosity
c) soil particles have a low porosity
d) soil particles are very large

What can form when acidic groundwater comes in contact with limestone?
a) caverns
b) an aquifer
c) soil
d) a lake

Soils contain MOST of its material from biological activity in which horizon?
a) bedrock
b) subsoil
c) topsoil
d) unweathered bedrock

An area that has many caverns and sinkholes is referred to as having -
a) karst topography
b) kettle lakes
c) oxbows
d) meanders

In which of Virginia's geographic provinces would you find the MOST sand and gravel?
a) coastal plain
b) piedmont
c) blueridge mountains
d) valley and ridge

Vast amounts of limestone, and therefore, caverns, can be found in which of Virginia's provinces?
a) piedmont
b) coastal plain
c) valley and ridge
d) blueridge mountains

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