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A formal problem-solving model
a) consists of five steps
b) is not necessary for everyday decisions
c) is used only to gether information
d) helps business people solve problems in a logical manner

After a problem is defined and information gathered, you
a) try to quantify the problem
b) identify various solutions
c) make your decision
d) reach a consensus

In evaluating alternatives and selecting the best option, you
a) gather information about each alternative
b) see if the selected alternative works
c) decide how to implement the best option
d) quantify or rank the alternatives

Which of the following is NOT a step in the decision-making process?
a) identify various solutions
b) take action
c) evaluate the problem
d) gather information

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a successful entrepreneur?
a) determination
b) creativity
c) dependence
d) self-confidence

Aptitude is the ability to
a) act quickly
b) evaluate interests
c) learn a particular kind of job
d) all of these

To determine your suitability for entrepreneurship, you should assess your
a) strengths and weaknesses
b) interests
c) aptitude
d) all of these

An advantage of entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs
a) can supervise other people
b) must make all decisions by themselves
c) can work in a field that interests them
d) do not need to set goals

A disadvantage of entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs
a) do not have a regular income
b) must implement creative ideas
c) control their own destinies
d) none of these

The most common form of business writing is the interoffice memorandum
a) True
b) False
c) Maybe
d) Never

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