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What is the shortest division of time in the geologic time scale?
a) Eon
b) Epoch
c) Period
d) Era

What is the current era of geologic time?
a) Archean
b) Cenozoic
c) Paleozoic
d) Mesozoic

How old is the earth?
a) 46 years
b) 4.6 years
c) 4.6 trillion years
d) 4.6 billion years

Which division is the longest in the geological time scale?
a) Era
b) Epoch
c) Period
d) Eon

What period Pangea existed in?
a) Cenozoic
b) Mesozoic
c) Permian
d) Paleozoic

What formed in the Carbonifirous period.
a) First life.
b) Mammals
c) Volcanic activity
d) Fossil fuels

If Fossil A is found below Fossil B, what does this tell you about Fossil A?
a) It is bigger than B
b) It is less dense than B
c) It is younger than B
d) It is older than B

The fossil record in Indiana tells us that the environment here used to be ______.
a) a dry desert
b) more stormy
c) a shallow sea
d) a tall mountainous region.

Which organisms were most common during the Jurassic period?
a) dinosaurs
b) flowering plants
c) bony fishes
d) large mammals

When did the Earth's basic structure—the core, mantle, and crust—form?
a) Pre Archean
b) Cenozoic
c) Paleozoic
d) Triassic

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