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Matter is anything is anything that has _____ and takes up ______?
a) space and mass
b) mass and space
c) chemical changes and space
d) properties and mass

Which state of matter are the molecules moving the fastest?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

Which of the following is an evidence of a chemical change?
a) The birthday clown blew up a balloon for the kids and it popped.
b) The nail in the toolbox has the ability to rust.
c) Mrs. Jarvis wore a bright, red shirt on the 4th of July.
d) On the 4th of July the fireworks exploded in the air causing smoke and bright light.

What part of a cell do you find genetic information?
a) inside the nucleus on the chromosome
b) inside the cell wall
c) inside the mitochondria
d) inside the cytoplasm

Your stomach growls because you are hungry. Hunger is .....
a) an external stimulus
b) an internal stimulus

All food chains begin with the ..............?
a) omnivore
b) sun
c) producer
d) carnivore

Smoke was rising from the burning candle. The candle wax began to melt. The smoke rising is evidence of a ...?
a) physical change
b) chemical change
c) physical property
d) chemical property

Mayberry Farms wanted an increase in their milk production. They specifically chose 2 different types of cows to breed. This process is know as...?
a) selective breeding
b) breeding
c) natural occurrence
d) natural selection

Which of the following represents a producer?
a) lion
b) bunny
c) oak tree
d) tiger

A white tailed deer lives in a forest. It has monocular eyes and a good sense of hearing to help escape from predators. Which of the following would be a stimulus?
a) The white tailed deer runs at the sound of footsteps.
b) The white tailed deer is afraid of predators.
c) The white tailed deer hears rustling of leaves.
d) The white tailed deer can hear sounds 50 ft away.

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