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Which of the following Group 15 elements has the most metallic properties
a) Bi
b) N
c) Sb
d) P

Pure silicon is chemically classified as a semi-metal because silicon
a) is malleable and ductile
b) exhibits metallic and nonmetallic properties
c) exhibits hydrogen bonding
d) is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity

The observed regularities in the properties of elements are periodic functions of their
a) atomic numbers
b) non-valance electrons
c) oxidation states
d) mass numbers

Elements in the Periodic Table are arranged according to their
a) atomic number
b) relative size
c) relative activity
d) atomic mass

In which set do the elements exhibit the most similar chemical properties
a) N, O, and F
b) Al, Si, and P
c) Li, Na, and K
d) H, Br, and Rn

The atomic number of an atom is determined by the number of
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) isotopes

Of the following, the group that contains elements that are the most reactive is the
a) alkali metals
b) alkaline earth metals
c) carbon family
d) inert gases

Unlike metals, solid nonmetals are
a) good conductors of heat and electric current
b) malleable
c) dull and brittle
d) ductile

Unstable atomic nuclei that release fast moving particles and energy are
a) radioactive
b) alloys
c) isotopes
d) alpha particles

Why is the mass of a carbon atom greater than the ttal mass of its protons and electrons?
a) The mass of a proton is greater than the mass of an electron.
b) A proton is positively charged and an electron is negatively charged
c) Most of the atom's volume is the sphere-shaped cloud of electrons
d) One or more neutrons in the nulceus add mass to the atom.

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