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The sphere of solid nickel and iron at the center of Earth; surrounded by the liquid outer core
a) Inner Core
b) Outer Core
c) Mantle
d) lithosphere

The outer shell of Earth\'s core; surrounds the inner core and is made of liquid nickel and iron
a) mantle
b) Outer Core
c) core
d) crust

The solid layer of Earth between the crust and the core; made of dense silicates
a) crust
b) asthenosphere
c) mantle
d) plasticity

The thin solid outermost layer of Earth; made of less dense silicates and is continental (landmasses) or oceanic (ocean bottoms)
a) inner core
b) mantle
c) plasticity
d) crust

The cool, rigid, outermost layer of Earth consists of the crust and the uppermost part of the mantle; pieces of this layer are called lithospheric plates
a) Lithosphere
b) outer core
c) mantle
d) crust

The solid layer with plasticity in the upper mantle that is located just below the lithosphere; lithospheric plates \\
a) outer core
b) Asthenosphere
c) plasticity
d) inner core

The condition of material in the asthenosphere, existing in a solid state yet having the ability to flow without being a liquid
a) asthenosphere
b) mantle
c) Plasticity
d) lithosphere

What are the four major layers?
a) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
b) crust, lithosphere, asthenosphere, mantle
c) core, mantle, crust, solid
d) sand, ocean, rocks, sky

Where is the asthenosphere located?
a) The lithosphere is located in the lower part of the crust and the upper mantle.
b) The lithosphere is located in the lower part of the crust and the lower mantle.
c) The lithosphere is located in the upper part of the crust and the upper mantle.
d) The lithosphere is located in the lower part of the inner core and the upper mantle.

What does litho mean?
a) rock
b) rigid
c) liquid
d) earth

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