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A person who is not the first to rise and address the chair may be given preference in being recognized if
a) the chair knows and approves of his position on a question
b) he asks for preferential treatment because of another engagement
c) he is the maker of the motion and has not spoken to the question

If the chair makes a mistake in assigning the floor, a member may
a) raise a Question of Privilege
b) raise a Point of Order
c) immediately ask the assembly to ratify the action taken

Motions are brought before the assembly by these three steps, a member
a) rises, addresses the chair, and makes a motion
b) addresses the chair and makes a motion; then the chair states the question
c) makes a motion, another member seconds it, and the chair states the question

A member makes a motion, in simple cases, by saying
a) "I move that.."
b) "I wish to move that.."
c) "This member moves that..."

As soon as a member has made a motion, he
a) resumes his seat
b) remains standing, knowing that he will be recognized first
c) remains standing in case any member wishes to suggest a change in the motion

When a member is unsure of the proper wording of a motion he/she
a) may ask another member for help
b) may seek assistance from the chair
c) will be asked to yield the floor while he composes the motion

The seconder of a motion
a) should always stand and give his name
b) need not obtain the floor
c) does so only after being recognized

A second implies that the seconder
a) agrees that the motion should come before the meeting
b) agees with the content of the motion
c) wishes to speak second in debate

The lack of a second has become immaterial
a) after the chair has stated the question
b) after debate has begun
c) when the maker of the motion asks for permission to withdraw it

A motion is open to debate when
a) the motion is seconded
b) the motion has been stated by the chair
c) a member has made the motion

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