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The chair's announcement of the result of the vote should include
a) the motion is adopted (or lost) and the effect of the vote.
b) the ayes have it, is there any further business?
c) the ayes have it, the motion is adopted (or lost) the effect of the vote the next item of business.

In actual pariamentary proceedings, the presiding officer refers to himself as the
a) president
b) presiding officer
c) chair

To call a meeting to order, the presiding officer should say:
a) "Are you ready to begin?"
b) "The meeting has started."
c) "The meeting will come to order."

Sessions of permanently organized bodies usually follow
a) the order of business decided upon immediately after the opening.
b) an established order of business
c) the order of business determined by the presiding officer.

Calling a meeting to order is
a) not apart of the order of business.
b) the first item of business.
c) done by the secretary.

In the standard order of business the reports of officers are presented
a) immediately before new business.
b) only as time allows.
c) immediately after approval of the minutes.

Reports of officers are commonly presented
a) in the order in which the officers are listed in the bylaws.
b) by the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.
c) by the treasurer, secetary, and president.

The main motion is one that
a) brings business before the assembly.
b) can be made while another motion is pending.
c) has the highest rank.

Before a member in an assembly can speak in debate he must
a) have paid the dues required by the organization.
b) get the attention of the chair by raising his hand.
c) obtain the floor.

A person who is not the first to rise and address the chair may be given preference in being recognized if
a) the chair knows and approves of his position on a question.
b) he asks for preferential treatment because of another engagement.
c) he is the maker of the motion and has not spoken to the question.

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