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The basic form of motion by which business is introducted is
a) a subsidiary motion
b) an incidental motion
c) a main motion

The classes of motion that together are called secondary motions are the
a) main motion, the subsidiary motions, and the privileged motions
b) subsidiary motions, the privileged motions and the incidental motions
c) privileged motions,the incidental motions,and the motions bring a question again before the assembly

A secondary motion must be acted upon or disposed of before
a) a main motion is in order
b) an incidental motion is in order
c) direct consideration of the main motion can be continued

The lowest ranking motion is
a) Postpone indefinitely
b) Main Motion
c) Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn

Subsidiary motions
a) assist the assembly in disposing of a main motion
b) are of higher rank than incidental motions
c) are all debatable

In a series of motions where all are pending and in order, which of the following would be voted on first?
a) Previous Question
b) Limit of Extend Limits of Debate
c) Postpone Indefinitely

A motion to Postpone Indefinitely is used when a member wishes to
a) postpone the motion to the next meeting
b) postpone the motion to a later time
c) kill the main motion and avoid

The motion Amend
a) may be applied to any subsidiary motion
b) modifies or clarifies the meaning of a pending motion before the pending motion itself is acted upon
c) is out of order if the motion to Postpone Indefinitely is pending

The three basic processes of amendment are
a) insert or add, strike out, strike out and insert
b) add, strike out and insert, substitute
c) add, insert, strike out

The motion to Commit or Refer
a) is not debatable
b) sends the main motion to a committe for study
c) is not amendable

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