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Greece became a democracy because rich and poor Greeks fought side by side and protected each other.
a) True
b) not this
c) not this
d) False

An idiot was a person who participated in government.
a) True
b) not this
c) not this
d) False

Which of the following is false?
a) Athenians were expected to be well educated
b) Athens was democratic
c) Athens was a military state
d) Athenians liked art

Which of the following is false?
a) Spartans began training boys to fight at age 7
b) Sparta was a democracy
c) Spartans were seen as the strongest warriors in Greece
d) Spartans did not care about education

Greek city states united together to fight against an enemy in the Persian Wars.
a) True
b) not this
c) not this
d) False

Who did Athens fight in the Peloponnesian wars?
a) Persia
b) Sparta
c) Rome
d) Peloponnesia

Who spread the Greek civilization all over the world?
a) Demetrius the Amazing
b) Nicholas the Good
c) Brian the slightly above average
d) Alexander the Great

What does Pericles do in his funeral oration?
a) he says what needs to improve in Athens
b) he brags about how great Athens is
c) he brags about how great Sparta is
d) He brags about how great history class is

Which of the following was NOT one of the keys to Rome’s success?
a) law
b) organization
c) government
d) population

The rich landowners in Rome were called ________________.
a) Patricains
b) Plebians
c) Galadiators
d) Consuls

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