CH. 5 Video Composition VOCABULARY Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 12796)

These Are The First 10 Words Out Of 20. CH. 5 Video Composition.

The position of a pictorial element on a scale from black to white.
a) Balance
b) Perspective
c) Brightness
d) Contrast

A method of composition that aligns important visual elements with the lines and intersections of a tic-tac-toe grid.
a) Rule Of Thirds
b) Panning
c) Leading Lines
d) Composition

The purposeful arrangement of elements in an image.
a) Leading The Eye
b) Composition
c) Tilting
d) Emphasis

A composition in which dissimilar elements have equal visual weight.
a) Tilting
b) Focus
c) Rule of Thirds
d) Asymmetrical Balance

The actual two-dimensional image.
a) Perspective
b) Staging In Depth
c) Picture Plane
d) Balance

Positioning subjects and camcorder to exploit perspective in the image.
a) Panning
b) Picture Plane
c) Vertical Position
d) Staging In Depth

Rotating the camcorder vertically.
a) Tilting
b) Contrast
c) Picture Plane
d) Leading Lines

A wide screen image displayed in the center of a regular TV screen.
a) Asymmetrical Balance
b) Widescreen Video
c) Panning
d) Letterboxed Image

The simulation of depth in a two-dimensional image.
a) Vertical Position
b) Perspective
c) Emphasis
d) Composition

That part of the image which appears sharp and clear.
a) Focus
b) Panning
c) Emphasis
d) Contrast

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