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Which layer is made up of liquid iron?
a) inner core
b) mantle
c) crust
d) outer core

All of the following elements are commonly found in Earth’s crust EXCEPT
a) silicon
b) calcium
c) oxygen
d) iron

Complete this sentence: As you go deeper inside the Earth ____________________.
a) it gets cooler, drier, and easier to travel
b) the temperature increases, but the pressure decreases
c) the temperature stays the same, but the pressure increases
d) it gets hotter, materials get denser and pressure increases

Which of these is an element commonly found in solid form within Earth’s crust?
a) steel
b) nitrogen
c) bronze
d) copper

What are the two main types of crust?
a) lithosphere and asthenosphere
b) solid and liquid
c) thick and thin
d) continental and oceanic

Which of the following statements is NOT true about continental crust?
a) It is thicker and less dense than oceanic crust.
b) If forms the continents.
c) It can be found beneath the ocean.
d) It is up to 100km thick.

What is the heat source for convection currents?
a) mantle
b) asthenosphere
c) crust
d) inner core

What does molten mean?
a) solid
b) gas
c) hot
d) liquid

Which layer is made up of mostly oxygen and silicon?
a) mantle
b) core
c) lithosphere
d) asthenosphere

About 80 % of Earth\'s volume is found in this layer.
a) inner core
b) outer core
c) crust
d) mantle

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