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What are the 2 main types of clouds in the lower level?
a) Nimbostratus and Sratocumulus
b) Stratocumulus and Altostratus
c) Cirrostratus and Altostratus
d) Altocumulus and Cirrus

What happens to a warm front in an occluded front?
a) it makes a thunderstorm
b) the warm front goes under the cold front
c) the cool air pushes the warm front up
d) the warm front turns into a cold front

Which 2 types of clouds may cover the whole sky?
a) Cirrus and Altostratus
b) None of the clouds
c) Altocumulus and Stratocumulus
d) Cirrostratus and Altostratus

How is a thunderstorm produced?
a) A cloud is filled with ice and water
b) a warm front meets a cold front
c) 2 warm fronts collide
d) 2 cold fronts collide

Why is the equater the warmest spot on earth?
a) Due to the thinning of the rainforest
b) The answer is unknown
c) It gets the most direct sunlight
d) Global Warming

When you go up from sea level does the air pressure increase or decrease?
a) Increases
b) Decreases-only in a cold front
c) Decreases
d) Neither it stays the same

What is the freezing point when measuring in Celsius?
a) 0 Degrees
b) 32 Degrees
c) -10 Degrees
d) -13 Degrees

What are the 3 main types of clouds
a) Air, rain, and Water Vapor
b) Stratus, Cirrus, and Cumulus
c) Altostratus, Cirrostratus, and Nimbostratus
d) Smoke, Fog, and Mist

What are the types of breezes?
a) strong and soft
b) high and low
c) short and long
d) land and sea

What type of cloud means that there will probably be thunderstorms?
a) Nimbostratus
b) Stratocumulus
c) Altostratus
d) Cirrostratus

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