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The Code of Hammurabi of Babylon and the Justinian Code of the Byzantine Empire served functions similar to the
a) ziggurats of the Sumerians
b) Buddhist stupas
c) Maya hieroglyphics
d) Twelve Tables of the Romans

In what way did the rivers of Russia influence its history?
a) They provided a network for trade between the Byzantine Empire and Russia
b) They allowed Japan to defeat Russia in the Russo Japanese War.
c) They were used by Napoleon to invade Russia
d) They gave the Mongols a route to conquer Russia

Which region had the greatest influence on the historical and cultural development of the Byzantine Empire?
a) Mesoamerica
b) India
c) Rome
d) Egypt

Which development is most closely associated with the beginning of the Byzantine Emire?
a) emergence of the Russian Orthodox Church
b) division of the Roman Empire
c) building of the Hagia Sophia
d) fall of Constantinople

Constantinople was a thriving city in the 1200s mainly because of its location on a major trade route between
a) China and southern Africa
b) the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea
c) the Inca Empire and the Aztec Empire
d) Asia and eastern Europe

What was one influence of Mongol rule on the history of Russia?
a) Contact with kingdoms in western Europe greatly increased.
b) The Chinese writing system was introduced and adopted
c) Most Russians converted from Orthodox Christianity to Islam.
d) Russian leaders adopted the idea of strong, centralized control of their empire.

One way in which the Twelve Tables of Rome, the Code of Hammurabi and the Justinian Code were similar is that they established
a) trade agreements with neighboring countries
b) tolerance for the different religions of their people
c) written legal systems
d) social class equality

What is a major contribution of the Byzantine Empire to global history?
a) preservation of Greek and Roman culture
b) construction of the pyramids
c) expansion of equal rights
d) invention of writing

The city of Constantinople achived prominence because its
a) location was favorable for trade
b) pleasant climate led to an increase in population
c) democratic governments attracted trade
d) military power led to industrialization

Which development in Russian history led to the other three?
a) Orthodox Christianity was adopted in Russia.\
b) Trade developed along rivers linking Russia and the Byzantine Empire.
c) The Cyrillic alphabet became the basis of Russian written language.
d) Russian rulers took the title of czar, or caesar.

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