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In building your civilization, you made decisions as did the early settlers when they built shelters. They noted physical features. What features affected their choice of sites?
a) climate, fertile land,rivers
b) rivers, forests,, food sources
c) mts, streams, rivers,valleys, and swamps

Civilization is the process of people moving from a primative to a more advanced culture.
a) True
b) False

The Cro-magnon's contributions improved by
a) tool making with chisels, and use of ivory, bone and antlers
b) hunting with spear throwers, axes, and canoes
c) Art carved of ivory, antler, and painted on walls with animals and stories.
d) all choices on the list

Later into the Neolithic Age humans
a) found a need for government, religion
b) found a need for protection, and fire
c) found a need for mobile shelters, hunting
d) found a need for gods and goddesses

The Neanderthals- Homo sapians were the first to
a) hunt for food
b) think at a higher level
c) speak a language
d) write their language

Life expectency increased from 20-25 years of age to 40yrs based on
a) increased food supplies
b) domestication of animals
c) occupation specialization, metal workers, pottery makers, weavers, etc.
d) all your choices

Humans living in the Paleolithic Age were
a) Farmers and hunters
b) Hunters and Gathers
c) Farmers and Herders
d) Hunters and Herders

What were the reasons for change from the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age?
a) humans began to grow food in one place and domesticated animals for a consistant source of protein.
b) The early humans had hunted out the forest in their territory.
c) Humand learned to domesticate animals and gather more.
d) The humans bands began to grow in size.

What phrase below best describes the term archaeology?
a) The study of history in the world.
b) The study of past human remains and cultures.
c) The collection of artifacts.
d) A science of the past.

The first humans migrated during the Ice Age from which continents, in order.
a) Africa, Asia, Europe, North America
b) Africa, Europe, Asia, North America
c) Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe
d) Africa, Asia, Australia, North America

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