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What is another name for something that is homozygous?
a) Heterozygous
b) Purebred
c) Hybrid
d) Allele

The physical description of an organism is called the
a) Phenotype
b) Genotype
c) Allele
d) Dominant

The genetic makeup of an organism is called the
a) Genotype
b) Phenotype
c) Allele
d) Recessive

The study of the passage of traits from parents to offspring
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Punnett Squares
c) Genetics
d) Principle of Independent Assortment

When both forms of a trait show up at the same time
a) Heterozygous
b) Dominant
c) Monohybrid
d) Purebred

Two chimpanzee are taunting each other by making faces & sticking their tongues out. One is a heterozygous tongue-roller and the other is a non-roller. Their genotypes are
a) RR and RR
b) Rr and rr
c) rr and rr
d) Rr and Rr

Three things can be determined about Gg. They are:
a) Recessive, Heterozygous, Hybrid
b) Dominant, Purebred, Homozygous
c) Dominant, Homozygous, Hybrid
d) Dominant, Heterozygous, Hybrid

In rabbits, black fur (B) is dominant to white fur (b). What is the genotype of a white rabbit
a) bb
b) BB
c) Bb
d) Dd

In rabbits, black fur (B) is dominant to white fur (b). What are the genotypes of a homozygous white rabbit and a homozygous Black rabbit
a) BB x BB
b) Bb x Bb
c) bb x BB
d) bb x bb

What is the probability of passing all 4 core classes?
a) 1/16
b) 1/8
c) 1/6
d) 1/12

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