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The constitution or bylaws of a society should contain
a) rules that may b be suspended
c) its own basic rules relating principally to itself as an organization
d) the rules necessary to conduct a meeting of an organization

Exept for the corporate charter, the highest body of rules in a society is the
a) bylaws
c) standing rules
d) parliamentary authority of the society

The term rules of order refers to
a) the bylaws
c) the constitution
d) the written rules of parliamentary procedure adopted by an assembly or organization

Standing rules, exept in the case of conventions, are
a) generally adopted at the time a soceity is organized
c) related to the details of the administration of a society
d) related to parliamentary procedure

A custom of an organization
a) falls to the ground if a conflict with a written rule is raised by a Point of Order
c) is treated as if it were prescribed in the bylaws
d) takes precedence over any standing rules

The quorum of an assembly
a) is the largest number that can be depended on to attend any meeting
c) is the minimum number of members who must be present for business to be legally transacted
d) is two-thirds of the members present at the meeting

In the absence of a provision in the bylaws, the quorum of an organized society is
a) a majority of the entire membership
c) a majority of those answering roll call
d) the number most likely to attend a meeting exept in bad weather

The chair\'s announcement of the result of the vote should include
a) the motion is adopted and the effect of the vote
c) the ayes(or noes) have it,the motion is adopted the effect of the vote, the next item of business
d) the ayes(or noes) have it, is there any further business

In actual parliamentary proceedings, the presiding officer refers to himself as the
a) preident
c) chair
d) presiding officer

The minimum essential officers for the conduct of business are
a) a presiding officer and secretary or clerk
c) the president and the treasurer
d) a president,secretary and treasurer

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