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Where should you keep all drafts of your current project?
a) Your English binder
b) Your journal
c) Your Work in Progress Folder
d) Your Classwork section

Where will you find peer conferencing and editing forms?
a) On Mrs. Frable's desk
b) On the counter to the left of the tree
c) On the counter to the right of the tree
d) On the back counter by the printer

When you are ready for Mrs. Frable to edit, what should you do with your draft?
a) Attach your Master Proofreading List and put it on her desk
b) Put it in the green tub on the windowsill
c) Attach your peer conferencing form and put it in the green tub on the windowsill
d) Attach your Editing checklist and put it in the green tub on the windowsill

After you conference with a teacher or peer, you should
a) revise your draft
b) publish your draft
c) start a new project
d) file your work

What types of errors should you edit for?
a) Obvious stuff
b) Spelling mistakes
c) all of the above
d) None of the above

After you have revised your draft and corrected all errors, you should
a) File your finished copy in your writing folder
b) Put your finished copy in the green tub
c) Attach a cover sheet and put copy in basket on Mrs. Frable's desk
d) Attach a cover sheet and ALL drafts and put in basket on Mrs. Frable's desk

After you final copy is done,
a) look for a way to publish it outside the classroom
b) store it in your binder
c) file a copy in your plastic writing folder
d) Choices 1 and 3 are correct

Sometimes when you're working on a difficult draft, it's good to
a) do a two-day walkaway to clear your head
b) ask your mom to do it for you
c) rip it up and start all over
d) shove it in the bottom of your locker

How many times per week are laptops available?
a) Two
b) Three
c) One
d) It varies

What are the benefits of Writing Workshop?
a) Students can pick their own topics
b) Students can work at their own pace
c) Students can get teacher's help with editing before they publish
d) All of the above

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