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When a graphic is selected, which handle is used to freely toate the image?
a) Left corner
b) Green Circle
c) Right Corner
d) Bottom Center

What is the region of a slide reserved for inserting text or graphics called?
a) Text area
b) Entry box
c) Field
d) Placeholder

Which display shows an entire slide and also displays the title, status and task bars?
a) Slide sorter
b) Normal
c) Reading
d) Notes

What command isused to color a shape tat you have drawn on a slide?
a) Font Color
b) Shading
c) Shape Fill
d) Shape Effects

What are the faint blue, dashed lines that appear as you drage an object toward a drawn shape when the edges or center of the object are aligned?
a) Smart Guides
b) Gridline
c) Drawing Guides
d) Smart Grid

Which Ribbon in PowerPoint 2010 contatins the command to check spelling on a slide?
a) Home
b) Desgin
c) Slide Show
d) Review

What is the most common format that Microsoft uses for short sound clips?
a) .wav
b) .mp3
c) .mp4
d) .wpl

Which command is used to delete or clear any recorded timing saved for a presentation?
a) record slide show
b) custom slide show
c) rehearse timings
d) set up slide show

Which ribbon contains the command to hide a slide in a presentation so that it does not show during the full-screen slide show?
a) home
b) design
c) slide show
d) transitions

Which of the follwing software programs is used to create a collection of slides that may contain text, charts, pictures, sound, movies and if often called a presentation graphics?
a) Office 2010
b) PowerPoint 2010
c) Word 2010
d) WordPad

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