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Members of an assembly
a) May make motions,debate, and vote.
c) Are required to vote.
d) May vote only if their dues are paid.

The actions of any deliberative assembly are subject to
a) Change by a majority vote
b) approval of the parent organization
c) the bylaws and other rules of its organization plus all applicable procedural laws

The basic principle of decision in a deliberative assembly is that
a) a motion must be adopted by a two-thirds vote
b) a motion must be adopted by a majority vote
c) a motion must be adopted by a counted vote

When decision is to be based on more than a majority vote, a common requirement is a
a) two-thirds vote and/or previous notice
b) show of hands
c) ballot vote

Two forms of a deliberative assembly are
a) standing and special committees
b) committee of the whole and mass meeting.
c) convention and board

According to RONR and most state statutes, electronic meetings
a) may be conducted by committees or small boards
b) may be conducted if provided for in the bylaws and everyone can hear each other at the same time
c) may be provided for in the bylaws

Admittance to a mass meeting
a) is the same as an open forum
b) depends on whether or not a person is a member
c) may be limited to the invited category

The local assembly of an organized society is limited to persons who
a) have paid their dues by the deadline date
b) are charter members
c) are recorded on the rolls as voting members in good standing

The bylaws of an organized local society usually provide that it shall hold
a) a certain number of special meeting each year
b) regular meetings at stated intervals
c) adjourned meetings on a regular basis

Large boards and large committees
a) follow parliamentary procedure to a lesser degree than does the average deliberative assembly
b) generally follow parliamentary procedure the same as any assembly
c) establish their own rules of procedure apart from the larger body

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