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In what unit or units is work measured?
a) m
b) J
c) N
d) kgXm/s2

Supposed Herbert is using a pulley to life a crate. Which of the following would cause Herbert to do more work?
a) lifting a lighter crate
b) lifting the crate higher
c) lifting the crate less high
d) lowering the crate instead of lifting it

When you are holding a heavy object stationary in your arms, you are not doing any work even though you may get tired. Why is this?
a) In order to do work, an object must be moved.
b) You are not getting tired quickly enough for it to count as work.
c) Friction is not acting on the object
d) You are not put a force on the object you are holding, despite feeling tired.

How much work would you have to do in order to life a 60 N object 2.5 meters?
a) 14.3 J
b) 50.5 J
c) 150 J
d) 175 J

Robert pulls a bucket of water 15 meters up from the bottom of a well. He pulled with a force of 58 newtons. How much work did Robert do?
a) 570 J
b) 680 J
c) 764 J
d) 870 J

In which of the following situations would the least work have been done?
a) A 100-N force lifts an object 3 m.
b) A 250-N force moves an object 1 m.
c) A 25-N force moves an object 8 m.
d) A 600-N force is applied to an object and moves it 0 m.

Which of the following is the best definition for power?
a) force per joule
b) time per unit of force
c) work per unit of time
d) work per unit of force

1 J/s equals-
a) 1 N
b) 1 W
c) 1 N m
d) 1 kg m

Fernando does 550 Joules of work in 20 seconds. What was Fernando's power?
a) 27.5 W
b) 30.2 W
c) 35.5 W
d) 37.0 W

While building a fence, Simon did 1150 Joules of work in 50 seconds. What is Simon's power?
a) 18 W
b) 22 W
c) 23 W
d) 28 W

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