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What are the two parts of Georgia's General Assembly?
a) governor and General Assembly
b) Speaker of the House and Senate
c) Senate and House of Representatives
d) Supreme Court and Governor

The main purpose of the legislative committee is to;
a) review bills before they come to the floor for discussion
b) draft(write) bills that have the best chance to become law
c) propose bills to be considered by the full chamber
d) decide which bills to send to the governor

The leader of the Senate is;
a) the elected member of the majority party
b) the Lt. Governor
c) the Governor
d) the elected member of the minority party

If a bill is amended, the bill;
a) proceeds to the governor for a decision
b) voted on by the house which amended the bill and passed to the governor
c) is defeated and proceeds no further
d) sent back to the house in which it originated for a vote

The president pro tempore is;
a) Lt. Governor
b) the elected member of the majority party
c) the Governor
d) the elected member of the minority party

The executive branch contains;
a) the members of the house of representatives
b) the governor and the lt. governor
c) the members of the senate
d) the members of the supreme court

The largest branch of government is;
a) the judicial branch
b) the legislative branch
c) the executive branch
d) the administrative branch

How many terms can a lt. governor serve?
a) unlimited
b) 2 terms
c) 4 terms
d) 6 terms

Which agency assists the executive branch enforce the law?
a) The Department of Natural Resources
b) The Georgia State Patrol
c) The Department of Labor
d) The National Guard

What branch of Georgia's government sees that the state's law are implemented?
a) commission
b) legislative
c) judicial
d) executive

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