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What famous mountain range is in the India subcontinent?
a) Rocky
b) Appalachian
c) Himalayan
d) Rushmore

What is the name of the plateau in the middle of India?
a) Everest
b) Appalacian
c) Deccan
d) Ural

What are the two major rivers of India?
a) Nile and Ganges
b) Ganges and Indus
c) Indus and Yellow
d) Tigris and Euphrates

Which of the following is NOT a country surrounding India?
a) Pakistan
b) Bhutan
c) Nepal
d) Sudan

Which is further NORTH?
a) Ganges River
b) Mt. Everest
c) Deccan Plateau
d) Indian Ocean

Which is further EAST?
a) Arabian Sea
b) Deccan Plateau
c) Bangladesh
d) Pakistan

Which is further SOUTH?
a) Pakistan
b) Deccan Plateau
c) Sri Lanka
d) Ganges Plain

Which is further WEST?
a) Indus River
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Mt. Everest
d) Bhutan

Which of the following is NOT a body of water surrounding India?
a) Arabian Sea
b) Mediteranean Sea
c) Bay of Bengal
d) Indian Ocean

What is a monsoon?
a) heavy, drenching, continuous rains
b) high winds but no rain
c) earth begins to crack
d) an animal of India that lived in the ancient days

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