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A measure of gravitational force exerted on an object is called?
a) Mass
b) Grams
c) Pounds
d) Weight

What would a line on a line graph look like if it were showing a constant speed?
a) A vertical line
b) A Squiggly line
c) A straight diagonal line
d) A curved line

What is the formula for calculating speed?
a) Distance divided by time
b) Distance multiplied by time
c) Time divided by distance
d) Time multiplied by distance

What will friction do to a ball that is rolling on the ground?
a) The ball will hit a car.
b) The ball will speed up and accelerate.
c) The ball will accelerate and then slow down.
d) The ball will slow down.

What do unbalanced forces cause?
a) Friction
b) Movement
c) Inertia
d) Motion

What are two things that speed depends on?
a) Distance and Motion
b) Motion and Acceleration
c) Distance and Time
d) Motion and Speed

What does a curved line on a graph tell you about the object's motion?
a) The object is accelerating
b) The object is going slow then at rest.
c) The object is accelerating and then comes to a rest.
d) The object is going slow and then starts accelerating.

What is the formula for calculating Average Speed?
a) Total distance multiplied by Total time
b) Distance divided by time
c) Total distance divided by Total time
d) Distance multiplied by total average speed

What do you have to do to win a tug-o-war contest?
a) Pull everyone on the ground and make a balanced forced
b) Create a greater force in the opposite direction of the other class which causes an unbalanced force
c) Create a greater force in your direction of the other class which causes a balanced force
d) Create a weaker force in your direction so the other class loses.

When looking at two objects on a line graph, how can you tell which object is traveling faster?
a) The object with the long curved line traveled faster.
b) The object with the horizontal line traveled the fastest.
c) The object with the curved and jagged line traveled fastest.
d) The object with the steeper line traveled faster.

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