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It was a comprehensive system of laws that promoted order and authority over individual rights. It restricted freedom of speech, press, restored slavery in the colonies.
a) New order
b) French laws
c) Napoleonic Code
d) Jack Pride

This describes the most radical of the Legislative Assembly
a) Right Wing
b) Left Wing
c) Emigres
d) the Lisewych's

This is the name of the government body that replaced the National Assembly
a) Legislative Assembly
b) National Convention
c) Estates-General
d) First Estate

This was invented to further humane goals, though often used in contradiction to such goals.
a) AK47
b) Lightsaber
c) Guillotine
d) Nuclear Bomb

This person claimed it was possible to build a
a) Jean-Paul Marat
b) Olympe de Gouges
c) Georges Danton
d) Maximilien Robespierre

The noblemen of the ____________ and the clergy of the __________ were forced by the king to join the National Assembly
a) Estates-General and First Estate
b) Second Estate and First Estate
c) First Estate and Second Estate
d) Second Estate and Third Estate

The social and political system in use in France in the 1770's, called the _________, had been in place since the Middle Ages
a) Old Regime
b) Bourgeoisie
c) Estates-General
d) National Assembly

Expecting trouble, ________ called up mercenary troops. This action caused a rebellion that fueled a widespread emotional reaction called the ______.
a) Louis XVI and Tennis Court Oath
b) Marie Antoinette and Tennis Court Oath
c) Loius XVI and Great Fear
d) Marie Antoinette and Great Fear

What is a sudden seizure of power like Napoleon's called?
a) coup d'Richards
b) seizure
c) power struggle
d) coup d'etat

As part of his reform program, Napoleon set up __________, or public schools
a) concordat
b) plebiscite
c) lycees
d) coup d'etat

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