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How many tides do we have daily?
a) 2 High and 2 Low
b) 4 Spring and 4 Neap
c) 2 Spring and 2 Neap
d) 4 High and 4 Low

What creates the daily tide cycle?
a) Earth revolving in and out of the tidal bulge
b) The moon revolving the tidal bulge
c) Earth rotating in and out of the tidal bulge
d) The moon rotating the tidal bulge

What creates the tidal bulge
a) Rotation of the Earth
b) Revolution of the Moon
c) Gravitational Pull of the Sun and Moon
d) Gravitational Pull of the Moon and Barycenter

When the moon is at a right angle to the sun in relation to the earth we have a...
a) High Tide
b) Neap Tide
c) Spring Tide
d) Low Tide

What is the true shape of the Earth?
a) Sphere
b) Ellipse
c) Oblong Orb
d) Oblate Spheroid

Which of the following is NOT a cause of the true shape of the Earth?
a) Plastic Crust
b) Rotation
c) Revolution
d) Molten Core

The sun is stationary,
a) True
d) False

Which is true about the sun?
a) The sun revolves and rotates
b) The sun does not revolves nor rotate
c) The sun does not revolve but rotates
d) The sun revolves but does not rotate

What does the sun revolve around?
a) The Galactic Base
b) A Black Hole
c) The Solar System\'s Barycenter
d) Nothing

What force causes the revolution of the sun?
a) Centrifugal Force of the Solar System
b) Gravitational pull of Planets
c) Momentum of the Solar System
d) Acceleration of it\'s Core

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