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What was the outcome of the War of 1898?
a) The U.S. gained Cuba as a colony
b) The U.S. gained Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines
c) Spain gained Texas
d) Spain and the U.S. remain hostile today

What caused the War of 1898?
a) The explosion of the U.S.S. Maine in Cuba
b) A Spanish attempt to kill the U.S. president
c) An attack on the U.S. from Mexico
d) The U.S. bombing of Spanish ships

What did the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War have in common?
a) They both ended in a tie
b) Japan lost them both
c) Japan won them both
d) They were both fought in Russia

Who were the Meiji?
a) Japanese leaders who modernized Japan
b) Chinese monks who fought against the Boxers
c) Women fighting for rights in Japan
d) Japanese leaders who favored isolationism

Commodore Matthew Perry is known for...
a) Fighting in the Opium War
b) Putting down the Boxer Rebellion
c) Forcing Japan to open to trade with the U.S.
d) Forcing Japan to open to trade with Britain

The Chinese Boxers rebelled because...
a) Their taxes were too high
b) They wanted better pay
c) They wanted China to westernize
d) They thought foreigners were destroying their culture

Who called for an Open Door Policy in China?
a) The U.S.
b) India
c) Britain
d) Japan

What was the outcome of the Opium War?
a) The Chinese won and British had to pay damages
b) The British increased their trading rights in China
c) The Chinese gained colonies
d) The British agreed to stay away from China

The British started selling opium to the Chinese because...
a) They wanted the Chinese to buy more of their goods
b) They thought they were selling the Chinese medicine
c) They were trying to distract the Chinese from an attack
d) They were trying to frame the Japanese

Why was the War of 1898 called a splendid little war?
a) It only took four months for the Spanish to win
b) There were no deaths
c) The whole war was fought in Cuba
d) It took only four months for the U.S to win

How did the US get the rights to build the Panama Canal?
a) They took over Panama
b) They supported a revolution against Colombia
c) They paid Colombia one billion dollars
d) They purchased it from France

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