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There was little African resistance to imperialism because...
a) European weapons and transportation were too sophisticated
b) Africans welcomed the European newcomers
c) Europeans treated the native Africans so well
d) Most African tribes practiced non-violence

This canal was important to Europeans because it provided a shorter water route to Asia...
a) The Erie Canal
b) The Egypt Canal
c) The Panama Canal
d) The Suez Canal

The Boer Wars occurred because...
a) The British were trying to claim land the Boers lived on
b) Italy and Germany were fighting over Somaliland
c) Ethiopia and Liberia were at war
d) Christian and Muslim groups in Egypt could not agree

Who were the Zulu?
a) A group of Dutch settlers in Africa
b) A tribe who volunteered to work for the Belgians
c) The only African tribe to successfully defeat the British
d) An African tribe that resisted Europeans but were defeated

Who were the Boers?
a) A species of wild pig
b) Dutch settlers in South Africa
c) A war-like African tribe
d) A religious group who tried to convert Africans to Christianity

King Leopold II of Belgium is known for...
a) Forcing Africans to work for him
b) Improving the quality of life in the Belgian Congo
c) Ending the Atlantic slave trade
d) Making Belgian chocolate known to the world

Europeans were most interested in Africa because of its...
a) Factories
b) Culture
c) Natural resources
d) Tribal crafts

Which two countries gained the most land in Africa?
a) Britain and France
b) Italy and Switzerland
c) China and Japan
d) The U.S. and Portugal

What was the Scramble for Africa?
a) A rush to colonize Africa
b) A rush to help cure African diseases
c) A rush to bring democracy to all African nations
d) A rush to spread Islam to Africa

The Berlin Conference did the following...
a) Gave all of Africa to Germany
b) Ended World War II
c) Gave all African nations independence
d) Decided the rules for dividing up Africa

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