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This addictive substance was grown in India and sold to the Chinese by the British:
a) tobacco
b) sugar
c) chocolate
d) opium

India was especially known for these natural resources:
a) Tea and cotton
b) Oil and tar
c) Gold and ivory
d) Corn and pumpkins

Writer Rudyard Kipling grew up in India and wrote about the White Man's Burden. This meant the responsibility to...
a) grant equal rights to all people.
b) civilize and Christianize native people.
c) give women the vote.
d) teach the world that people of European descent are inferior.

British rule in India led to...
a) Only postive results, like establishing railroads and building schools
b) Very few changes in India
c) Both positive and negative results
d) Only negative results, like widespread starvation

What was the result of the Sepoy Rebellion?
a) There was no clear winner
b) The British were driven out of India
c) The Sepoys were defeated and the British government took full control
d) The British were defeated and the sepoys took over the government

This company controlled most of India\'s trade from the 1600s-1800s:
a) British West India Company
b) India Trading Company
c) British East India Company
d) English India Company

What was a sepoy?
a) An Indian factory worker
b) An Indian Christian
c) An Indian farmer
d) An Indian soldier hired by the British

Why did the sepoys rebel?
a) Animal fat in cartridges offended Hindus and Muslims
b) They were upset about taxes
c) They were unhappy with the Indian government
d) They were starving

Which country imperialized India?
a) Britain
b) U.S.
c) China
d) France

Another way of describing imperialism is...
a) Building empires
b) All of the above
c) Controlling a nation\'s government and resources
d) Conquering new lands and people

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