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What are the Ural Mountains?
a) Mountain range that separates Europe and Asia
b) Mountain range that separates Canada and the United States
c) Mountain range that separates Italy and France
d) Mountain range that separates China and Russia

Why is shipping difficult in Russia?
a) There is no ocean to use for shipping
b) Shipping is easy in Russia
c) People do not need to ship things from Russia
d) The Russian coastline is frozen most of the year

Most people in Russia live
a) East of the Urals
b) South of the Urals
c) West of the Urals
d) North of the Urals

What is the most important mode of transportation in Russia?
a) Cargo ships
b) Cars
c) Busses
d) Railroads

Where is the Northern European Plain located?
a) West of the Ural Moutains
b) The Northern European Plain is not in Russia
c) In the Ural Mountains
d) East of the Ural Mountains

What is the capital of Russia?
a) Volga
b) Rome
c) Moscow
d) Azerbaijan

Define Tundra:
a) Hot desert
b) vast and rolling treeless plains
c) frozen layer of soil
d) Coastal areas

What is a czar?
a) A member of the secret police
b) Person who runs a communist state
c) Farm laborer
d) Russian emperor

What is the name of the world's deepest lake?
a) Lake Volga
b) Lake Baikal
c) Lake Taiga
d) The Nile river

What is the most important river in Russia?
a) The Baikal
b) The Yenisey
c) The Lena
d) The Volga

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