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What does voracious mean?
a) secret, clandestine
b) prone to outbursts of temper
c) having an insatiable appetite for something
d) weaken, lose strength

Which word means part of the essential nature of something?
a) intrinsic
b) judicious
c) virulent
d) enigmatic

What does ascendancy mean?
a) scoffing at, ridicule
b) excessive frivolity, flippancy
c) patience, lenience
d) domination; growing power

Which word means notoriously bad?
a) rancor
b) infamous
c) vacillating
d) paradoxical

The boy was so _____, I thought nobody could reform him and make him play nice with the other kids.
a) laudable
b) strident
c) incorrigible
d) prudent

Jack needed to be hospitalized because of the __________ infection in his hand.
a) virulent
b) paltry
c) arable
d) haughty

Play is often seen as ___________ and lacking a place in the world of
a) perjury
b) rancor
c) atrophy
d) frivolous

What does prudent mean?
a) repetitive
b) careful
c) lose strength
d) end result

What does judicious mean?
a) having and showing good judgment
b) heated, bitter conflict
c) full of sad yearning or longing
d) harmless

Which word means lacking worldliness or sophistication?
a) upshot
b) naive
c) haughty
d) voracious

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