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cry, I hope the puppy does not cry during the storm.
a) howl
b) beg
c) shout
d) weep

variety, Every year we plant a variety of vegetables in our garden.
a) different types
b) small amounts
c) huge
d) forbade, not allowed

vast, The organization collected a vast amount of canned goods for the soup kitchen.
a) huge
b) kind
c) different types
d) forbade, not allowed

species, The students studied the different species of monkeys they saw at the zoo.
a) kinds
b) huge
c) different types
d) small amounts

traces, The miners found traces of gold in the stream.
a) small amounts
b) forbade, not allowed
c) different types
d) kind

banned, The local government banned all outdoor burning during the drought.
a) forbade, not allowed
b) small amounts
c) huge
d) kind

shower, Ryan takes a shower every morning.
a) wash
b) rain
c) burst
d) party

track, The train sped down the track and out of sight.
a) railway
b) route
c) follow
d) footprint

break, To be fair, I will break the cookie into two pieces.
a) to divide into pieces
b) to cause to separate into pieces suddelnly
c) to fracture a bone
d) to crack without separating into pieces

break, I know the detective will break the case.
a) to find a solution to
b) to crack without separating into pieces
c) to fracture a bone
d) to cause to separate into pieces suddelnly

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