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Which location has the most insulation against temperature changes?
a) Tropical regions
b) deserts
c) Temperate regions like NC
d) Wetland regions

Humidity is...
a) the amount of heat in the air
b) is measured by a barometer
c) the amount of Argon in the air
d) the amount of water in the air

Why do you feel a chill after you get out of the swimming pool or shower?
a) Transpiration
b) phase cooling
c) Evaporative cooling
d) Active cooling

Humidity in NC air increases in which of the following seasonal changes?:
a) Summer to Fall
b) It stays the same all year long
c) Fall to Winter
d) Spring to Summer

Which of the following is not an aerosol?
a) smoke
b) sea salt
c) boulders
d) ice crystals

Which is the right order starting from Earth's surface?
a) troposphere, ionosphere (thermosphere), mesosphere, stratosphere
b) troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere (thermosphere)
c) stratosphere, ionosphere (thermosphere), troposphere, mesosphere,
d) ionosphere (thermosphere), troposphere, mesosphere, stratosphere

Which of the following are needed to make weather?
a) heat, water, air, land
b) heat, clouds, water, lightening
c) heat, thermometers, air, land
d) rain, candy, air, chickens

What was Ralfie's superhero name?
a) Superman
b) Weatherman
c) Superhero Man
d) Weatherguy

In the mesosphere, temperatures drop with increasing altitude to about ____ C colder than Antartica\'s lowest recorded temperature.
a) 100C
b) They don't drop, they increase.
c) 1000C
d) 10C

Which sphere does the aurora borealis take place?
a) thermosphere
b) mesosphere
c) stratosphere
d) troposphere

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