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Janet designed an experiment to determine whether the depth of water in a container had an effect on how quickly the water evaporated. carry out her experiment, which variable shou
a) the amount of water in the container
b) the width of the container
c) the location of the container
d) the material the container is made of

With SONAR, what happens to sound pulses from a ship after they hit the ocean floor?
a) They bounce back to the ship
b) They stop
c) They are absorbed into the mud
d) They get louder

Amount of salt dissolved in water is called?
a) Salinity
b) Seamounts
c) Sulfur
d) Sodium

Water on Earth is found naturally as a solid, a liquid, and a gas. Where is MOST of the solid water on Earth?
a) in Earth's polar regions
b) at the bottom of the Ocean
c) in the outer atmosphere
d) deep in Earth's mantle

When ice forms in the oceans, what happens to the water found directly underneath the newly formed ice?
a) it becomes more salty
b) it becomes warmer
c) it becomes denser
d) it becomes colder

What are mid-ocean ridges?
a) They are areas of underwater mountain chains located near many active volcanoes.
b) They are areas where tectonic plates meet.
c) They are narrow valleys that run along the bottom of the oceans
d) They are areas underwater where thick layers of sediment have accumulated.

At which ocean feature would the greatest amount of water pressure be exerted?
a) Trench
b) Continental slope
c) Abyssal plain
d) Continental shelf

What technology is used to measure the depth of the ocean?
a) sonar
b) telescopes
c) radar
d) submarines

What is the correct order of the ocean floor features?
a) continental shelf, continental slope, continental rise, abyssal plain, mid-ocean ridge
b) continental rise, abyssal plain, seamount, continental shelf, continental slope
c) continental slope, continental rise, abyssal plain, seamount, continental shelf
d) coastal shore, continental shelf, continental slope, abyssal plain, continental rise

The underwater vessel that was used to search for sunken ships, recovery of a hydrogen bomb and explorations of the ocean is called:
a) Alvin
b) Jason II and Medea
c) Scuba diver
d) Satellite

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