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Before a warm front passed through Austin on Tuesday, the high temperature was 44°F. Which of the following is the most reasonable prediction for the high temperature on Wednesday?
a) 38°F
b) 44°F
c) 40°F
d) 49°F

The kinds of data that reflect climate are different from the conditions described in weather data. Which of the following is a description of climate?
a) Today it is hot and sunny in Tampa, Florida.
b) Summers are usually mild in Detroit, Michigan.
c) Last week it rained every day in Austin, Texas.
d) Yesterday was cold and windy in New York City, New York

Weather data is different than climate data. Which of the following is an example of weather data?
a) The average high temperature in May is 21°C in the Midwest of the United States
b) Central Australia usually receives less than 110mm of rainfall all year
c) The relative humidity was 24% at noon on July 23 in Tempe, Arizona
d) On average, there 88mm of rain in the Gulf Coast region in July

Climate and weather are different concepts, though they are related. How are the concepts of weather and climate different?
a) Weather refers to conditions nearer the ground than climate.
b) Climate is related to the amount of sunlight, weather is not.
c) Weather conditions include precipitation, but climate does not.
d) Climate covers larger areas and longer times than weather.

Weather data is different from climate data. Which of these is an example of weather data?
a) Skies are mostly cloudy at 5:00 pm in New York City on January 3rd, 2013
b) New England has an average of more than 100 rainy days each year.
c) Northern Europe has much colder winters than South America.
d) The foggiest month in Houston, TX is January.

A study of climate includes the use of maps that are different from simple weather maps. A map of which of the following is one that would be used in the study of climate?
a) Number of sunny days per year in South America
b) Location of current rains in Southeast Texas
c) Tracking the path of a hurricane in the Gulf each day over the course of a week
d) Position of a cold front yesterday outside Topeka, Kansas

Before a cold front passed through Houston on Tuesday, the high temperature was 57°F. Which of the following is the most reasonable prediction for the high temperature on Wednesday?
a) 52
b) 58
c) 60
d) 64

Scientists studying climate collect data that is slightly different from the data collected by those interested in weather. What is different about the data collected about climate? Climate data -
a) requires more specialized equipment than weather data
b) focuses on conditions only in the upper atmosphere
c) refers to longer times and wider areas than weather data
d) does not include information about air temperature

All of the following tools are useful in measuring local weather conditions EXCEPT
a) thermometers
b) rain gauges
c) wind socks
d) telescope

Meteorologists are scientists who study weather patterns and make forecasts about coming weather. Which of the following would a meteorologist analyze when predicting weather?
a) the movement of fronts
b) the habitat of an organism
c) the sun and the moon
d) the growth of plants

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