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What did pioneers use for travel and transportation?
a) slaves
b) looms
c) rivers
d) flax

What did many pioneer families rely on as a source of meat?
a) hamburgers
b) looms
c) flax
d) wild game

What were shut down in the summer because children were needed for outdoor work on the fame?
a) schools
b) apprentices
c) rivers
d) looms

Who were taken from their homes and forced to work in new places?
a) indentured servants
b) slaves
c) farmers
d) apprentices

Most of the people in the colony were __________.
a) apprentices
b) farmers
c) indentured servanats
d) slaves

What do we call a young person who lived with a craftworker and learned the trade?
a) flax
b) farmer
c) loom
d) apprentice

The first thing a pioneer family did was build a _________.
a) loom
b) school
c) small cabin
d) colony

Who had to stay with his master until the end of his service or until he had paid his debt?
a) a slave
b) an indentured servant
c) a farmer
d) an apprentice

The bible was used as the main textbook because most schools were run by churches and because not many other books existed.
a) true
b) false

Colonial farmers bought supplies from indentured servants.
a) true
b) false

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