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Which Japanese innovation relates to their population density?
a) small, compact cars
b) production of cheap toys
c) leadership in electronics
d) Japanese martial arts

The North Korean\'s belief in communism has led to
a) development of peaceful technology
b) high tech medical facilities
c) low per capita use of personal technology
d) advanced conservation technology

Taiwan is east of which nation?
a) Philippines
b) North Korea
c) Japan
d) China

How have China, Japan, and Korea been affected by cultural diffusion?
a) it has influenced their religious beliefs
b) their economies have grown stronger
c) they have become dependent on the U.S.
d) they adopted American culture values

All of these have contributed to the divdersity of China except
a) Confucianism
b) Buddhism
c) Daoism
d) Judaism

China\'s economy has moved from a
a) command to capitalism
b) free enterprise to command
c) traditional to command
d) capitalism to free enterprise

Japan has a ____ government
a) totalitarian
b) democratic
c) communist
d) command

Which industry in China will be most affected by the Three Gorges Dam?
a) agriculture
b) textiles
c) fishing
d) services

What physical barrier to transportation likely slowed traders\' movement on the Silk Road?
a) mountains
b) boundaries between countries
c) bodies of water
d) Great Wall of China

China is considered to be a paradox because they have a ____ government and a _____ economic system.
a) communist, command
b) communist, traditional
c) democratic, command
d) communist, free enterprise

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