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Gregor Mendel studied heredity using ________ plants.
a) pea
b) rose
c) maize
d) tundra

A ______________ is the combination of the organism's genetic makeup and the environment's effect on that makeup.
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) gene
d) protein

DNA is found in ____ cells.
a) sex
b) sperm
c) all
d) no

True or False: Recessive traits are always shown in an organisms offspring.
a) True
b) False

True or False: Dominant alleles will show their effect on the genotype when they are present.
a) True
b) False

Dominant traits are seen in _______ generation.
a) one
b) each
c) no
d) sometimes one

Konrad Lorenz experimented with this type of behavior: Ducks were born thinking he was their mother.
a) imprinting
b) habituation
c) trail and error
d) conditioning

When the boy flinched at the sound of the duck call he was showing what kind of behavior?
a) trial and error
b) imprinting
c) conditioning
d) innate

An organism with two identical alleles for a trait is?
a) homozygous
b) heterozygous
c) dominant
d) recessive

How many of your classmates do you think will go to the dance?
a) less than 3
b) 4-6
c) 7-10
d) 10+

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