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The opposition to the flow of energy is called
a) thermal energy.
b) thermal resistance.
c) electrical resistance.
d) temperature.

A value that rates the quality of insulation is called
a) the R-factor.
b) the X-factor.
c) the factor-label method.
d) spring constant.

Which of the following would have a high thermal resistance?
a) firebrick around a furnace
b) aluminum cookware
c) heat sinks
d) radiators

Which of the following describes insulators?
a) are mostly metallic
b) high thermal resistance
c) low thermal resistance
d) heat energy passes through quickly

The average kinetic energy of all molecules in a substance is called
a) heat.
b) calories.
c) thermal resistance.
d) temperature.

The three factors of area, thickness, and type of material, are used to calculate what?
a) the R-factor
b) thermal resistance
c) thermal rate
d) thermal energy

Which has a low thermal resistance?
a) refrigerated truck
b) an aluminum soda can
c) dewar flask
d) firefighter's suit

When you want to keep an object hotter or colder than its surroundings, you need a
a) high thermal resistance.
b) low thermal resistance.
c) conductor.
d) a low R-factor.

When describing how heat moves at the molecular level, the forces holding molecules together are often compared to
a) rings.
b) tiny springs.
c) pendulums.
d) drums.

If an object has a high heat flow rate
a) it transfers heat slowly.
b) are usually made of nonmetals.
c) it has a low thermal resistance.
d) are called insulators.

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