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A condiment made of preserved fruits and vegetables with an acidic, sweet and spicy flavor.
a) anchovies
b) spice
c) cornichons
d) chutney

Small, oily ocean fish preserved by salting.
a) chutney
b) spice
c) anchovies
d) sucrose

Foods that have been saturated with acid, usually vinegar, in order to preserve them.
a) herbs
b) capers
c) pickles
d) olives

Flavorings or seasonings served with foods to enhance their flavor.
a) condiments
b) flavorings
c) herbs
d) spices

The fruit of the olive tree that is native to the Mediterranean region.
a) cornichons
b) olives
c) pickles
d) capers

Buds of a bush that grows near the Mediterranean.
a) olives
b) cornichons
c) relish
d) capers

A condiment made of a mixture of chopped or diced ingredients preserved in an acidic liquid.
a) salsa
b) relish
c) mustard
d) anchovies

The green leafy parts of aromatic plants that are used to flavor foods.
a) cloves
b) seasonings
c) spices
d) herbs

The woody parts of plants used to flavor foods.
a) spice
b) seasonings
c) extracts
d) stems

Kosher salt is used to season clear broths or consomm├ęs because it has no additives.
a) True
b) False

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